Friday, July 29, 2011

My kind of atheist

My husband sent me this article today: Faith no more, specifically noting the comments by Ben Goldacre:

I think probably the main answer to your question is: I just don't have any interest either way, but I wouldn't want to understate how uninterested I am. There still hasn't been a word invented for people like me, whose main ex­perience when presented with this issue is an overwhelming, mind-blowing, intergalactic sense of having more interesting things to think about. I'm not sure that's accurately covered by words such as "atheist", and definitely not by "agnostic". I just don't care.

The reason husband sent me this was because he thinks it describes my own atheism pretty well. It also explains my musing in my Welcome post about how unaffected I am to insults about my beliefs. But Ben and I are not identical, because I do care. It's just that I care about other people's struggles, and choose not to have any of my own.

Husband suggested that the word Ben may be looking for to describe his brand of atheism could be "apathiest". I like it.

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