Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finding a way out

So I was catching up on some blogs yesterday, and came across a post on the Blonde Nonbeliever site. The post is about a website called Christianity Disproved. Now, while I don't particularly love the name, the site itself is fantastic. It was created by a former Pentecostal fundamentalist as a resource for anyone struggling with doubts about Christianity.

The front page contains a little background about how his own journey to atheism began, and also the (fantastic) letter that he wrote to his family when he was ready to "come out". The rest of site contains resources and recommended reading and is set up in a kind of 7-step path to godlessness. While the focus is on "disproving" Christianity, some of the ideas have broader applications, and the skeptical methods used would be equally effective regardless of the reader's religion.

Quibbles with the name choice aside (I don't think "disproved" is quite the right term), the site is very well done and I would recommend it highly.

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