Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mike Seaver makes believing in God way too hard

I read this post on the Friendly Atheist today, and I actually watched the entire "Are You a Good Person?" video:

It's the normal insane Kirk Cameron stuff that we've grown to love to ridicule, but the first thing I thought of as I neared the end of the video was how astounding it is that this type of religion actually gains a following. There is the "normal" kind of faith where you believe in God, and you use this belief as a resource to help you with your various troubles. You love God, God loves you, and you're happy to spend your days doing good for your family and community through real action (as opposed to "witnessing" to random people and hoping for the best). I can get down with this type of faith, even if it's not for me.

Kirk's faith, however, requires a ridiculous amount of work, and quite frankly I find people like him to be pretty irresponsible. There are plenty of impressionable people who buy into this belief that God/Jesus needs to BE your life in order to get into heaven. Born again Christians are among the most obnoxious group of people in the world. Their blatant disregard for other beliefs as well as their inability to keep their faith private results in the loss of relationships and further proof that America appears to be batshit crazy.

Kirk Cameron contributes to the persistent divide we see among various religious and non-religious groups in this country and his "kind" represents the antithesis of what Christianity is supposed to be about.

Also, Ben was a funnier character on his crap 80's TV sitcom, so...frack him.