Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh dear, the gays are getting "married"

I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake since the following story occurred in July, but this is the first I've heard of it: First Town Clerk Announces Resignation in Light of Gay "Marriage" Legislation

The jist: Laura L. Fotusky, the clerk for some crap town in New York that no one's ever heard of wants to quit because the bible doesn't explicitly state that it's ok for gays to marry.

So...quit. And guess what? You can do so quietly, without sputtering out bible passage fragments and stating that God's law should be followed above man's. Yes, she actually said this. An elected government official. I realize it's probably too soon to post this since I used it so recently, but...

Obviously the site that posted this article is one of those ultra-conservative-evangelical type places, and the only reason I'm aware of it is becausea major media figure on the Internet blogged about it too.

Off-topic: I'm "out" now. I had kept this blog hidden from my profile, and wasn't promoting posts on Facebook or Twitter for various reasons. But, that was frustrating me so I'm now findable and semi-promoting new posts. Vnectar is the Snarky Humanist and the Snarky Humanist is Vnectar. There.

Back on-topic-ish: I only had a short time for lunch today, so I ran across the street to a grocery store that has a lot of good pre-made food. There are often people outside the store campaigning for various things. Today, it was a kid wanting to share something about gay rights and when he approached me I said (louder than I intended) "I love gay rights, but I don't have time!".

I'm out of things to say and Penn Jillette is on Piers Morgan talking about atheism so bye.

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