Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christians are a protected people

Can Teachers Criticize Creationism in Class?

Educator James Corbett was recently sued by a former student because he labeled creationism as being "superstitious nonsense". Obviously the student is a believer of creationism and this statement offended him, so he sued...and won. This comment was deemed unconstitutional for some fucking reason. Thankfully, the decision was later overturned, but...WTF theists??

I actually agree that the comment was a bit offensive and dismissive, HOWEVER, we have no idea what the context was. Was it a science class? Did the young creationist interrupt a class about evolution and argue that creationism is a valid scientific theory? Or did Mr. Corbett begin class by saying "If you believe in creationism, you're an idiot because it's superstitious nonsense"?

Regardless of the context, the farthest this ever should have gone is a reprimand by the school's administration.

Of course, since American Christians can get away with pretty much anything, this was allowed to happen, and the young angry Christian was able to win.

I'd like to sue the government for forcing me to use money that infers that I trust in God. This is offensive and dismissive of my beliefs. However, I don't believe in wasting taxpayers money and the courts time for something like this.

Besides which, I wouldn't win.

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  1. Dismissive, yes. Offensive, possibly. If you believe in it, I suppose it would be. But most importantly, it was accurate. It IS superstitious nonsense.