Sunday, October 2, 2011

Funny that I felt uncomfortable the first time I did this

Social media apparently makes it easier to declare yourself an atheist. It's interesting, since in my first blog I noted that I felt as though I really needed to think about whether it was "ok" to call myself an atheist on Myspace 5 years ago. I went ahead and did it, but not because there was safety in numbers. I had, at that time, felt rather alone in my atheism (aside from madscutter, of course), and clearly only got interested in this community/movement/weird assortment of people who care about their nonbeliefs very recently.

I don't know if social media, or the New Atheist movement has inadvertently brought non-practicing atheists out of the woodwork, but if I sit and count the number of atheists I now know (none of whom who feel a need to blog about it), the number is surprisingly high. At least, considering the ever-decreasing stigma attached to being a heathen.

Maybe Facebook can accept a bit of credit, considering how easy they made to simply select "atheist" as your belief. You don't actually have to say it. Facebook will say it for you.

I knew that master of time suckage was good for something.

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