Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Only Good Sex Is NO Sex! (Education)

So the STD rates and out of wedlock birth rates in New York city are outrageous. The mayor wants to improve the quality of the sex ed classes in the city schools to help combat these problems. He wants to give these young people more information, apparently a lot more information, about sex. He wants them to know what their options are, so they can make informed, responsible choices.

Well, The NYC Parents' Choice Coalition has said "NO! We demand that you keep our children ignorant! We insist that you teach only the one option that goes against every urge and instinct that they have! We require that you stick to a program that has been shown time and time again to not work as well as those other (unnamed) options!"

Mayor Bloomberg needs to back off on this outrageous, mandatory program that makes no mention of abstinence at all!

Wait, what? Oh, it is an optional program? And it includes abstinence education as part of the curriculum? Oh, well, then in that case...nope, still don't like it.

Seriously folks, when are people going to get it through their heads? Teach your kids whatever you want. You want 'em to refrain from sex until marriage? Fine. Teach them that. If you make your case adequately, they might even do what you want. But if they don't take your advice, do you really, really want them going into this with no idea of the risks?

On a related note, when we tell you to keep religion out of the public schools (and preferably out of our laws and lives), you are not being persecuted. You can still worship and indoctrinate your children as you see fit in the privacy of your own home and in your churches/mosques/temples/what-have-you. Don't demand that the government do it for you.

You will remain free to teach your children whatever nonsense you want, but I, for one, would like for all of our children to learn something useful in school.

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