Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We're not bluffing

There have been a lot of comments, inquiries, and jokes made about Hitchen's position on faith after finding out he had terminal cancer. A lot. You can find examples here and here. Presumably in anticipation of this, Hitchen's did take the time to assure everyone that he was indeed still an atheist despite his diagnosis.

It amuses me that so many people appear to think that atheists will have a sudden change of heart when they're at death's door. While I can hardly speak for all the atheists in the world, I am certain that my atheism will stand strong in the face of death. The incredulity displayed by those who were waiting, hoping, (needing?) for Hitchen's to suddenly change his mind reaffirms the idea that faith in God is an awfully convienent way to deal with fear of death. These people are basically conceding that Hitch's life was good without God, but his afterlife won't be.

That's not a terribly compelling argument on the side of faith.

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