Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Xians be buggin yo!

"We should applaud him [Tim Tebow], not tear him down. We need more heroes like this for young kids to look up to" - Kathy Lee Gifford

So my understanding of the realm of feetball being pretty limited, I have to take the word of those more knowledgeable than myself when they say that Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are doing WAY better than they should be this year.

I'll defer to folks like Tebow's pastor, Wayne Hanson, who runs the Summit Church in suburban Denver, when he says "the Broncos wouldn’t be winning games if God hadn’t decided to reward Tebow’s religious beliefs."

Tebow is a nut. And not a good one, like a cashew or a Brazil nut, but one of those crappy ones, like hazelnuts or whatever.

To think that an imaginary God cares who wins a sporting event is crazy. There are pious and devout people praying for both teams, I'm sure. How is God to decide? Is it, as Pastor Hanson said, a reward for the quality of Tebow's devotion? NO!! It doesn't matter how pious and sincere Tebow is, his devotion is still to an imaginary friend. And to think that Tebow's imaginary friend is going to help Tebow's team because HE likes the showboating and "humble" dedication to HIM is painting a pretty petty picture of the kind of god that inspires Tebow's dedication. Also, Tebow.

My point though, is that Kathy is an idiot. People with ridiculous ideas and beliefs should have them torn down if they are going to parade them in front of the world. And we don't need more people like Tebow for kids to look up to. We need people that can actually think and reason. (And apparently throw a football?)

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  1. Hey, I like hazelnuts. And by the way, Tim, Matthew 6:5 and stuff.