Thursday, March 29, 2012

There was a good bit of hair pulling too

The Christian Post thinks that a single sentence spoken by Dawkins at the Reason Rally has put the atheist movement in a "pickle".

"Mock them, ridicule them in public."

This is what Dawkins said in reference to religious people. This article decided that it means that Dawkins wants us all to turn into bullies. I have 3 points:

1. The Reason Rally was 9 hours long. I vaguely remember Dawkins saying something like this. It is hardly what I took away from the event.

2. Christians, this is the cool thing about being a freethinker. Yes, Dawkins is highly regarded in our community. No, we don't defer to him when determining how to live our lives and treat other people. We do not blindly do what the "higher-ups" suggest, and nor do they expect us to. I know this can be confusing, since you're used to having no say in how you live your life, but I can guarantee you that throngs of atheists are not going to swarm the streets ridiculing you.

3. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY CALLING US BULLIES? Are you fucking kidding me? There are no bigger bullies in America than religious nutfucks who berate EVERYONE IN THE WORLD for not conforming to their archaic and ridiculous beliefs.

Religious nutfucks = Christians

(In case you weren't sure)

(I'm calling you a nutfuck)

(Because you're Christian)

(And a nutfuck)

I could do this all day, but I can't because I think I just heard my next door neighbor open his bible, so I have to go kick the shit out of him (so sayeth Dawkins).

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  1. I'm going to poorly paraphrase Hitchens here: Let us not forget how they treated us when they were in power for a thousand years. We would be literally burned at the stake for daring to voice or opinions, but now that they no longer have all of the power they whine that we hurt their feelings.