Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Madscutter is sometimes not cool

Madscutter (or, Snarky Humanist #2) and I had a conversation recently about the Reason Rally and subsequent conference. It sort of went like this:

vnectar: I'm not sure I'll have the balls to talk to our favorite well-known atheists at the conference

madscutter: You can talk to them.

vnectar: Sure, I could, but you know how I get when I'm all nervous about meeting someone I admire. Remember how I bounced up and down and squealed when we went to that golf tournament and Paul Azinger walked up to the first tee? I'm likely not going to be capable of rational discussion.

madscutter: You should work on that.

vnectar: You should shut up.

madscutter: Look, if we see someone we admire, it's fine to go up and say "hi" and shake their hands.

vnectar: That may be true for a good portion of the weekend, but what about the fundraising dinner? Small talk will be expected! Maybe even medium talk!

madscutter: You'll be fine.

vnectar: Do you think Hemant will be at the dinner? I think I could talk to him. He knows me.

madscutter: Honey, he doesn't know you.

vnectar: The hell he doesn't. We have conversed. We have had conversations. I emailed him when I broke the Dawkinsgate story.

madscutter: "sigh"

vnectar: I sent him the "Badger Badger Badger" video on Twitter for some forgotten reason, and he responded stating his preference for that honey badger meme.

madscutter: ...


madscutter: Do you realize how many blogs he posts a day, and how many people send him shit?

vnectar: So if I go up to him and tell him that I'm vnectar from the Snarky Humanist, and remind him of all the meaningful conversations we've had as outlined above, he's going to give me a blank stare?

madscutter: Probably.

vnectar: You never loved me.

madscutter: ....

I'm either going to hide under a table for most of this weekend, or drool on my favorite atheists.



  1. I don't know about vnectar, but I *really* want to meet madscutter! :)

    YES, please say hello! See you Saturday!