Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will the BSA see their numbers dwindle?

This week, the Boy Scouts of America decided to stand by their policy of bigotry and intolerance by officially reaffirming that gays are not welcome in their organization.  The BSA's stance on homosexuality (and atheism!) wasn't exactly a big secret before this, but I think they tended to be a bit more vague about their position in the past.  This was anything but vague, and while the BSA is getting its fair share of support from the Krazy Khristian Klan (KKK - SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), there is no doubt that tolerance for homosexuality has been steadily on the rise for years and there doesn't really seem to be any danger of this changing.

What will tolerant parents do in response?  The boy scouts are rich in tradition and supposedly has a massively positive effect on the boys who join.  Our son was in it for a minute, and then we did our research (yeah, we did that backwards) and discovered their stances on gays and atheism and promptly pulled him out.  Will tolerant parents start pulling their sons out of the organization because of this?  Maybe.  I'm sure some will.  Of course, I have 0% tolerance for INtolerance, and it doesn't take much for me to "ban" a business from my life.  Obviously the BSA was already on my list, and Chick-Fil-a joined the list 5 years ago or so when it came out that they regularly donate to organizations who are intent on keeping families "traditional".  I had only ever eaten their very average chicken sandwich once, so it was no big loss.  Funny that just this past week they've gone ahead and "officialized" their ignorant stance as well.  I won't donate to the American Cancer Society because of all that Todd Stiefel kerfluffle, and the Red Cross is straddling the line a bit for being twat-waffles during 9/11.  Oh, and I won't (and never have) eat at Jimmy John's because the owner is obsessed with big game hunting and I think that's gross.

Naturally, I'd love to see swarms of families leave the BSA en masse, but I'm not holding my breath.  The optimist in me does think that this blatant bigotry (which is officially on the internet and will NEVER GO AWAY) will eventually diminish the BSA's presence in this country.  Current members may stay, but I bet new registrations will dwindle.  I'm not going to bet money on it though, because this country continually amazes me with its stupidity.

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