Friday, August 3, 2012

What the actual @#$#! is WRONG with white people*?!

[Alternate title: Lots of links to awful stuff!]

So I just finished reading all the racism. What the hell. I just ... I dunno. Seriously?

And yeah, this is primarily a "humor" site and everything, but some of that shit is real, yo.

Is it THAT fucking difficult to not treat other human beings like shit?!

I fully admit that I am a middle-class, white, heterosexual male and as such, I'm "playing life" at the lowest difficulty setting.  I mean, sure, when I first came across the concept of "white privilege" or "male privilege", it may have take some reading to "get it" as well as I can. Seriously, if you think "privilege" isn't a real thing, do yourself a huge favor and educate yourself. There are all kinds of things you probably just take for granted without realizing that not everyone has the privilege of having those conditions apply to them.

But honestly, I don't think I ever had any trouble with the idea that it was messed up to treat anyone like shit for no decent reason. I mean, seriously here, how much introspection and observation does it really take to recognize that we are all human? That, on average, we all suck a bit and could probably do better?

Is it that hard to recognize how pointless it is to make broad, sweeping statements about:
  • where a person was born (or the neighborhood in which they live)
  • what language they speak
  • the relative melanin content of their skin (or color/texture of their hair)
  • which supreme being they worship (or don't worship)
  • what they have between their legs
  • what their partner has between their legs†
  • any other artificial/natural distinction you choose to sort people into "other" groups
Is it that hard to recognize that none of that stuff really matters? And that no matter how you choose to organize them, some people are wonderful, some are awful, but most are just people, doing their best to survive and be happy in an amazingly imperfect universe.

Damnit! Just try not to be a circus car full of assclowns, Ok?

* By "white people" I really mean pretty much everybody regardless of color, but mostly actual white people**.

** By "white people" I really mean mostly white men, but also kind of everyone else too.

† I recognize that gender is not as simple as what is between someones legs, but for the sake of this point I'm oversimplifying.

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