Monday, June 6, 2016

To the woman who accosted my son at the Reason Rally

We got to the rally about 40 minutes before it was set to start, and my 12 old son used that time to go see the Lincoln Memorial. When he came back, he showed us a card someone had given him. This was the card:

Ok, so we're at an event for atheists and it was to be expected that people would be handing out literature about atheist-related things. My son also told me that the person who handed him this card had on a tshirt that said "atheist", so my first thought is "ok, it's an org for gay atheists".

Orrrrrr, not.

It was really sneaky of you to use rainbow lettering on the front of your card. It was also really sneaky of you to wear a shirt that suggested you were part of the rally, because for my son, that made you "safe". That meant you weren't a stranger. We later discovered that you and your crazy friends were wearing shirts to advertise a movie about how atheism is wrong. My son told me that when you handed him this card, he told you that he was here for the rally, and you replied "maybe you can do this afterwards".

1. I know that in your version of the world, you're doing God's work by trying to convert people into thinking like you. Your self-righteousness allows you to do things that for other people would be considered inappropriate. For example, approaching a child without his parents present with the sole purpose of changing his worldview, his mind, and who he is as a person. How dare you. How fucking dare you. I also assume that you would not have approached my son had I been with him, which makes you seem even creepier and most definitely, a coward. 

2. This point is easy and will be short. 

How would you feel if I approached your 12 year old son and handed him literature on atheism and encouraged him to read it? Glad? Grateful that someone was around to show him that he has other options?

I didn't think so.

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