Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'll never know how it feels like to be a persecuted Christian

It's true that the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) contacted the police department and asked them to remove the decal as it violated separation of church and state laws. It's true that the city agreed and has the decal removed. It didn't occur to me how deeply effected the commentator above would be by this decision, and as a humanist who respects those with faith, I tried to put myself in their shoes.

Imagine that you believe in God. You believe in the bible. You believe that bible-era violence belongs in our modern world and is a system of punishment that we should strive for. You're driving in Harper, KS and see a bible verse on the back of a police car that promotes punishment called forth from God's wrath, rather than the current system of laws that govern our nation.



One brave police officer looked at our system of checks and balances and said "No". "No longer will I sit idly by and let our court systems determine what the best punishment is for criminals that I detain. God, who definitely exists, is the only one who can make decisions like this, and since he tends to be suspiciously quiet, I will take it upon myself to act in his name. Surely if he disagrees, he'll send me a sign."

You drive along thinking "Thanks to this officer, Christians are finally getting a voice. I feel safer already.".

But then, an organization that surely worships Satan complained because the decal violated the VERY SAME laws that the officer so bravely gave the middle finger to when he made that decision to be a hero. Unfortunately, this organization works tirelessly to stop courageous acts like this and appears to be rather good at it, so the decal was removed. 

There were two victims in this tragic story. First, the police officer who tried to imply that he would be receiving his orders from God rather than his supervisor while on the job, and second, the God-fearing Christian who saw that decal and thought ever so briefly that at long last, God and the bible would become the law of land. 

It's sad, and I hope that the officer doesn't get too discouraged and that he didn't throw away the decal since he could put it on his own personal car, mailbox, front door, refrigerator, cat, and LITERALLY ANYTHING HE OWNS. He's still being SUPER persecuted against though, and as an atheist (who is universally loved), I can only imagine how hard this is for him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, who have been so grievously harmed by this senseless act of aggression against all Christians, (who are, without exception, the best people in the world). :(

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