Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Third Eye Blind lost tens of fans yesterday

Everyone's favorite "doo do do doo" 90's band was supposed to play their hits to the sea of privileged white people at a charity event near the RNC last night, but instead managed to get the entire crowd to "boo" the concept of science. Awesome.

Twitter is all a flutter with tweets both condoning and condemning the band's behavior, and the band's response to it all (in the article linked above) added yet another layer of epicness to this story. It's true that it can be irritating when entertainers are political during performances, but when you have a Republican National Convention open with a speech from one of the Duck Dynasty guys, you're already knee deep in the shit show that is Trump's presidential campaign. There's an "anything goes" attitude this election cycle, so why not express your love for science and equal rights to a crowd of angry people who feel that if God wanted people to have equal rights, He would have made them the 11th commandment.

Below is a sampling of tweets by people who were mad enough about this to tweet about it.

 Yes. They are EXACTLY like Wall Street. I just checked my 401k, and the "Third Eye Blind Plays Their Hits" fund has already lost 30 zillion dollars. I am SCREWED.

I don't really have a comment for this because it makes no sense but it's ALL IN CAPS SO I KNOW THEY'RE SUPER SERIOUS.

 I will acknowledge that Al Gore isn't a scientist, but I also suspect that "real" astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson is probably on the same page as Bill Nye with most things.


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