Friday, August 12, 2016

You know what, fuckers? We're everywhere.

The Friendly Atheist posted this blog about some firefighters in Bowling Green, KY who harassed a fellow firefighter for being an atheist.

This is a good example of why so many atheists are closeted, and why events like the Reason Rally can give non-believers a breather in a country so full of hate for anyone who's not white and Christian. The rally, as well as many atheist bloggers and activists encourage acceptance so that heathens don't feel the need to hide who they are.

Such acceptance is unsurprisingly not very present in places like Kentucky (I'm fine with blaming Ken Ham's "Ark Encounter" if you are), though bit by bit, more people come out, which essentially forces the public to either get over it or die mad.

But to these firefighters - I promise you that you deal with atheists on a regular basis. You've saved their lives when their houses have caught fire (probably due to God's wrath). They've scanned your groceries. They've held the door open for you. They've given you physicals, and medicine when you're ill. They've waited on you at restaurants. They are, quite literally, everywhere. They also may be someone you love dearly, but they haven't told you that they don't believe in God because they know you're a bigoted piece of shit asshole fucktard waste of star dust.

Fucking hell.

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