Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump supporters: why u mad, bros?

Dear Trump Supporters,

I'm having a hard time understanding how angry you are right now. You're angry every time Trump is criticized in any way. You're angry when you feel someone is being "disrespectful" to Trump. The keyboard warriors among you are ready to defend your new leader at a moment's notice, with your very compelling suggestions to "get over it" and "give Trump a chance!".


Why do you care?

You do realize that you won, right? Like, completely won? Republicans literally control everything right now. How are you not excited, deliriously happy, and still celebrating the extremely surprising results of our last election?

When Obama won in '08 and '12, I was happy and relieved. I did not care that a lot of people were furious and scared. I did not need Obama-haters to have a sudden change of heart and "get in line", nor did I expect them to. We're not North Korea - support for our leadership is not compulsory. Do you actually expect everyone to support Trump? Do you realize that will absolutely never, ever happen, very much in the same vein that it never happened for Obama? Our recent history has shown that the severe division between the major two parties will continue to prevent any chance for a middle ground, and a president like Trump is not likely to do anything but further widen that division.

Had Hillary won this election, I would have been relieved. If Bernie had won (my god, can you even imagine??), I'd still be celebrating, and millions of people would be showing him a tremendous amount of disrespect, as is their right. My joy would not have been diminished by the very predictable response from the right.

So why is yours? Why aren't you ignoring people like me the way I ignored people like you when Obama won? Didn't you get everything you wanted? Or is that the problem?

You're not getting what you wanted, are you?

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