Monday, March 26, 2018

Some of the good guys with guns are rather terrifying

If you've been on the internet this past week, you've probably seen this image:

It shows school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez ripping up a shooting target on the left (true) and a Photoshopped version showing her ripping up a copy of the Bill of Rights (obviously not true).

I had not, until today, seen the image on the right shared as "fact". Here is a sampling of what some gun enthusiasts said about Emma:

He misspelled "ho".

He's threatening a teenage girl with violence.

He is also threatening a teenage girl with violence

This gentleman called Emma a "failed abortion"

The haulocost is different than the holocaust because of the spelling.

Get it? Because she has short hair? It's funny.

Thanks for the update.

The sentiment of "I don't care if it's real or not! I'm outraged!" was somewhat pervasive in this thread. 

Another transgender joke! 

Yet another man threatening a teenage girl with violence. 

This woman would like to have Emma Gonzalez, who survived a school shooting, lynched for not actually ripping up the Bill of Rights.

Another "it doesn't matter if it's not real" rant, this time with libtards.

Ok, so I keep hearing threats of a "civil war" in response to guns being "taken away", or the idea of 45 being impeached. Who are the two sides in this "civil war"? The gun-enthusiasts against the sensible-gun-law-enthusiasts? The latter is not going to fight you. We wouldn't need to. That's why we have such a massive military (unless you think the bulk of the military would defy orders and join you, in which case I'm guessing you've never served in the military). 

Here's the thing, gun enthusiasts. When you insist  that you're a "good guy with a gun" to the point where you're practically frothing at the mouth and saying we should be damn grateful that you're toting your guns around Kroger and Chipotle, all the while acting like an internet thug and threatening the life of a school shooting victim, I really need you to shut the fuck up and just eat your burrito. 

Emma survived something truly horrific, and it's something that will effect her for the rest of her life. She made a choice to fight back, and I can say with some certainty that I probably wouldn't have had the strength to do the same thing (and no, that doesn't make her a paid actor - it just means that there's no one "right way" to respond to trauma). Do you actually think this is how she wants to be spending the rest of her time in high school? Do you think she wouldn't trade her new-found celebrity in for the 17 lives lost in that shooting in a heartbeat? I don't care if people are annoyed that "kids are making the laws now", but to see this much disrespect towards someone who has experienced something no kid in this country should ever have to go through is perverse. 

The most traumatic thing the assholes in these comments have probably seen is the sweaty mess left inside their toilet after their last trip to Chipotle.


  1. I wan to be Emma's assistant. I swear I would get the girl's lunch and pick up her dry cleaning. She is amazing, and these dumbass white men can screw off.

    1. Seriously - our grandchildren will probably be reading about her in school